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Welcome to
A Plus Physical Therapy
in McKinney, TX

Formerly Stonebridge Physical Therapy

A Plus PT Rated the Best by their Patients. 99.99% would refer their friends or family. 100% patients received treatment from the same physical therapist every visit. 99.99% received their first treatment in less than 24 hours. A Plus PT will Fix Your Pain.

We Help People From All Walks Of Life Especially Age 30+ To Get Back To Pain Free Activities As Soon As Possible Without Relying On Pain Medications, Injections or Surgery.

Our one and only goal is, getting you back to pain-free activities quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our evidence-based treatment approach, our average patient visit amount is 4-6 times versus the national average of 18.

We empower our patients with the knowledge and skills to self-manage, alleviate pain, and restore function. Patients experience the difference in treatment with our various modality stations.

A Plus Physical Therapy is a credentialed McKenzie clinic, one of the handful of clinics in the McKinney area.

Using the scientifically-proven McKenzie method of treatment means that the patients spend days rather than months in therapy and, in most cases, avoid further testing, imaging, and often unnecessary invasive procedures.

A Specialized Pilates-based Rehabilitation for All Ages
Monthly Fitness Program
  • $199 per person, $349 for couples, $449 for family
  • Unlimited visits to clinics and use all Pilates equipment under the supervision of PT Tech and/or Physical therapist.
  • Senior citizens will get one month free subscription of fitness program. ($199 Value!!)
  • Membership will also include access to full body far infrared Therapy which help to improve circulation, facilitate healing, reduce soreness
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what people like you are saying about a plus physical therapy

  • It gives patients the opportunity to progress at their maximum. They are flexible with scheduling…

    Michael A.

  • I could not ask for better individuals to work for. They have a family first mentally as well as making the care of our patients the number one priority. I am so honored to be a part of this company.…

    Shiketra J.

  • Great company! Great employees. Very trusting. They care about you and will do the job right!…

    Lexie G.

  • I have spent some quality time with both Ajay and Vijay, the owners. They have a great treatment approach and a beautiful facility. I definitely recommend them.…

    David S.

  • Great place to get treated for your neck,back and knee pain!!!…

    Tarkik P.

  • Wonderful physical therapy facility. The entire staff is excellent!…

    Will J.

Physical Therapy McKinney TX
Physical Therapy McKinney TX
Physical Therapy McKinney TX
Physical Therapy McKinney TX