About Us

The owners of A Plus Physical Therapy, VJ Patel and Ajay Vasani both worked in-home physical therapy services for more than 10 years each. Having developed close relationships with a number of their patients, they received considerable feedback of less than satisfactory experiences with outpatient physical therapy clinics. Additionally, many of these same patients suggested that they open their own outpatient physical therapy practice.

Today, the "care" in health care seems to be disappearing. Focus is on profits, not the patient. Many larger corporate chains and hospital clinics provide group care or treatment is delivered by an assistant unlicensed technician, or aide.

Ajay and VJ opened A Plus Physical Therapy with mission of providing exceptional service, one-on-one care, and treating the entire patient.

Our Method - Take the Best from Physical Therapy & Pilates and Combine Them

The owners decided to combine their physical therapy expertise in the treatment of spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, foot, ankle conditions with experiences and understanding of fitness and wellness benefits of Pilates. By doing so, they are now able to combine their advanced treatment methods (McKenzine Approach & Mulligan Techniques, taping methods, balance & vestibular therapy) along with the strengthening, coordination, and functional movements provided by the Pilates method.

Helping Patients Transitioning from Physical Therapy to Better Health, Wellness & Fitness

The founders also saw an opportunity to help their patients more easily transition from physical rehabilitation to a supervised Pilates fitness and health awareness program. By simply providing monthly membership options, they could continue to provide care when insurance benefits end and can also reduce their patients' fears of reinjury when they participate in A Plus PT's Pilates programs, versus going somewhere else.

Our Multicultural Staff Provides a Diversified Approach

A Plus Physical Therapy not only recognizes the value in providing an eclectic approach to treatment but also the value that a multicultural staff brings to patient relationships. Patients will have a richer and more diverse experience when receiving treatment at our small, family-friendly, community clinic.

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